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House made Toast   6.5

White or multigrain with butter, jams or vegemite

Spiced Fruit Loaf   7.5

Toasted with assorted jams or honey

House Omelette   12.9

French omelette of cured ham, tomato, feta cheese, mushroom and spinach

accompanied with our housemade tomato relish

Smoked Salmon Brekky   15.5

Toasted Turkish bread topped with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and wilted spinach drizzled with a dill mayonnaise

Green Machine   16.5

Grilled zucchini fritters, wilted spinach, smashed avo with poached eggs and dill mayo

Passionfruit and Mixed Berry Waffle   16.5

Belgian waffle, mix berries, passionfruit pulp, vanilla ice cream, toasted almonds and fairy floss

Bacon and Eggs   11.9

Grilled bacon and eggs cooked to your liking served with house made toast

Bacon and Eggs Roll   12.9

Brioche bun with grilled bacon, fried egg, tasty cheese and home made tomato relish

Brekky Bruschetta   14.9

Fresh tomato, roasted capsicum infused with basil, olive oil and balsamic topped with poached eggs and bacon on toasted English muffins

The Clarendon Vegetarian Breakfast   16.5

Eggs your way, smoked tomato, honey roasted mushroom, sautéed spinach, hash brown and baked beans with house made toast

The Blueroom Big Breakfast   17.9

Eggs your way with bacon, chorizo sausage, smoked tomato, honey roasted mushrooms, hash brown and house made toast

Eggs Benedict   14.9

Poached eggs on toasted English muffins topped with a citrus hollandaise



Chorizo   4.0
Bacon 4.0
Fetta 4.0
Tomato 2.5
Baked Beans 3.0
Hollandaise 3.0
Hash Brown 3.0
Spinach 2.5
Mushroom 3.0
Smoked Salmon 6.0
Avocado 4.5
Gluten Free Bread 3.0

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